Monday, February 14, 2005

Drizzle On, Monday

I am waiting so anxiously not only the conception of a bambino, but also the day when I can make my commute to work in fine weather. I have had the crappiest of crappy commutes all term. It seems like every morning, there's a new obstacle. This morning: freezing rain. But you know what? I made it. I live about an hour away from work, but here I am in my little office. Subsequently, I have gotten at least three emails from students who have told me that "the roads are a sheet of ice." Am I wrong to feel so irrate about this? The roads are not a sheet of ice. They are totally traversable, especially for those students who are in my 10:40 class. If almost the entire 8:00 class can make, the 10:40ers should be there. It's only getting warmer, and it ain't raining any more kids. I have low tolerance for bad excuses.

How is that I am becoming a curmudgeon?

I am so hating winter right now. I could die for an open window with a warm breeze.


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