Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Oh-la-la, c'est magnifique!

This morning's finished book: L'Affaire. If you haven't read Diane Johnson, I'd recommend her. Some books I have found more memorable than others, and I can't say that I've read all her work (yet). I find an author I like and usually devour everything that he/she has written. So far, I've eaten four of Johnson's books and this one, coupled with Le Divorce make up my two favorites . I only liked Le Mariage, and Persian Nights was, oh, alright but not as highly recommended. Don't even talk to me about the film version of Le Divorce-- so frigging disappointing, as film versions usually are. Really what Johnson is doing in this series of books (let's call them the "le" series) is recreating the novel of manners in the tradition of Austen, and also the comedy of manners a la Moliere. And don't forget some clear debt to Henry James. How could they be bad! You could buzz through this book and read it for the story, which is engaging in and of itself, but you could also buzz through and appreciate some of the philosophical/moral dilemmas in which she places her characters. I adore her descriptions of English, French, and American personalities.

Now I need something new to read. I haven't ever blogged about my voracious reading habits, but it's what I like to do best in the world. A good vacation for me equals about a book a day, but if I can get a book and half a day, I feel even better. I am trying to curtail a little bit lately with more work on my dissertation, but I can't exist without a book. You know, like Descartes, cogito ergo sum, well I am more like "I read therefore I am." (Sorry, I'm no Latin scholar so I couldn't translate that.)

I hate when people whine, "I don't have time to read." What-evah! One always has time to read. I read when someone else is watching television, or talking on the phone, or doing something else I probably feel that I don't have time for. I read at stopped red lights, while walking, waiting in the grocery store line. A prerequisite for any type of purse or bag I am going to buy is that it will hold at least one book. Preferably two. There is no pleasure in the world like a good book, and I don't say that lightly as I feel I am quite the bacchanal. Or gourmand. Wait. Both-- I can both; they certainly aren't mutually exclusive, but a book beats any great dinner, wine, party, maybe not sex, but a good book is probably more constant. Get it? I heart reading.

The pressure is on the next poor book since L'Affaire was so wonderful. I have a book I picked up at Costco called Breaking Her Fall -- we'll see. I'll let you know how it was.


Blogger Ryan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog I will be visitng your from time 2 time!

10:08 PM  
Blogger ks said...

Just found your blog, and as a hobbyist latin scholar I refer you to http://www.nd.edu/~archives/latgramm.htm for all your latin needs.

Try "Lego Ergo Sum", or "Recito Ergo Sum" (if you like reading aloud).

10:38 AM  

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