Monday, January 31, 2005

Fingers Crossed

[edited first paragraph-- painful, but gone]

Partner admitted to me that she also feels that she'll get pregnant right away. We talked about names again when eating our hotdogs at Costco. It felt exciting since I kept sneaking glances at the EPT in the (gigantic) cart.

As for the February cycle-- We haven't said it outloud, but I think that's a lost cause. We're totally shooting for March. I really want the March goal to be achieved. And I really hate how fucking many steps we have to take. I find myself insanely jealous of my hetereosexual married friends, which is really most of my friends. I love them, but why do they get it so easy??

Incidentally, on a small update note: I got carded all around town this weekend, and at our bowling alley dally, the bartender there not only carded me, but inspected my license. Hurrah. I am young again!


Anonymous Manuela said...

Ah yes... desparately wanting to be pregnant when it seems to come so easily for others...

This heterosexual can relate only too well...

4:46 PM  

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