Thursday, January 20, 2005

Love Potion No. 9

Well, we still have not sent our check the attorney in order to "retain" her and it's a little frustrating. We just get so busy, and partner's work life is a little stormy right now, and she gets home and it's like we just want to eat dinner together and veg out. Really, the retainer is not bad the way it is stated, it's just so forward leaning, and after some reflection on that, I decided that perhaps the attorney is just making sure she's covered in the same way we want to be sure we are covered. I think we're just going to sign it and take it over on Monday.

[edited and deleted material]

Whew. Last night I was skeptical. This morning I found myself lying in bed thinking that if it works, then we could have a baby by the end of this year. OH GOD. A BABY BY THE END OF YEAR! Yes, I thought, we should definitely try for the February ovulation cycle.

So, then Partner and I commence upon a discussion of ejaculate. Now in my past, I had a few relationships with men, and am no stranger to the penis or the workings of, but not so for partner. She asks me, "How much semen comes out?" So, I tell her anywhere from half a teaspoon to a tablespoon. "Oh, good. I thought it was like this absolutely miniscule amount and we weren't going to be able to get the potion out of the container." Whereupon we both started laughing, imagining little semen spatulas to get it out of the container in order to make sure we got it all! Oh dear... Little future child, we love you. We are just a couple of fun-loving mamas and I hope this mirth isn't distrubing to you. Or to anyone reading this. It's just such a situation we're in here, and we want some babies, and if we can't laugh about it then, oh well...

However, from here on out, I am going to abandon any talk of sperm, semen, ejaculate, etc, and refer to it all as "the potion." I am already creating little rhyming ditties in my head about the potion. I'll spare you.

The potion....


Blogger Nico said...

The potion... I love it! I haven't found a good euphemism for that so far, and with us going through IUIs you kinda need it.

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Manuela said...

Love that... the potion.

I liked this post because it never occurred to me (doh!) that a lesbian might not know what to expect... I don't know why... it's not like I'd expect a gay man to have a clue about cervical mucus.

4:38 PM  

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