Friday, January 14, 2005

No Sure Things...

That's what I am going to start telling myself. I have spent a certain portion of my free Friday today reading blogs, and a number of them deal with infertility. I have always suspected a certain level of infertility with myself (and that's perhaps a subject for down the road, but not today), yet I realized this afternoon that I fully expect my partner will be really fertile and conceive almost immediately.

In the past however any months as we have been trying to "set things up" I have had this timeline in my head.I have been thinking that all we need to do is get done with this legal business, get the sperm, squirt some inside Partner, and she'd be pregnant: Presto! We know all about ovulating, and even with the midwife we had this long conversation about fertility is "all about the mucus" and that the ovulation kits are probably overboard if you just know where you are with the mucus. Okay, I think to myself, we just keep a look out for the mucus, and bam! Partner=with child.

Clearly I am in for a rocky road, because I think it's hardly ever that easy, and I am going to really pray and hope and try to keep hope that it will be that easy for her, but I need to start to realigning my expectations.

Tomorrow night we are having our friends M and B to dinner. They want us to go with them to Menorca the first week of May and do some diving with them. Of course, we will go, but we've said we might not be diving since Partner might be prego. I have also (as I think I noted in the first post here) been doing some research about flying in the first trimester. We talked about our potential spring trip and noted that Partner might not be able to imbibe, and how that might shape the trip. Ah. What arrogance. What flying in the face of the fates. Who says Partner will be pregnant by this point? Me? Puh-leaze.

And all along I thought the hard part was going to be dealing the legalities. At least the legal system proports to have some logic about it. The human body? Who can tell...


Anonymous Manuela said...

Chuckling... this is the post that ALL women who are trying to conceive eventually write in some shape or form! We all tend to think it'll just be easy-peasy 1,2,3! And POOF, we are with child.
And for some it is... but for most of us... it isn't.

4:32 PM  

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