Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Getting Sperm

There's a lot we have to do around here before bringing a baby into this house. One, I am in the "office" right now that we both agree is an ideal baby room. So, one thing that we'd need to do is figure out where all this stuff goes. Two huge (IKEA) desks, which were perfect in our old house, but are cramped in the new house, which is, somewhat ironically, bigger than the old house. This space as an office is not ideal. One bookcase, again IKEA, and cheap, but it holds books, so who cares? And one HUGE lateral file cabinet. Then the room will need to be painted. It's a lovely room really, with a cathedral ceiling, and a fan, and a nice window open to the front yard. It will be charming as a baby room-- I think I'd like to paint it a nice buttery yellow. The carpet is blue. I can imagine it in summer, with the window open, but the shades (which we will also have to get) closed, the fan on-- the baby sleeping. It's quiet in our neighborhood. Only six houses on a cul-de-sac, so we don't have traffic or too many lawn noises. Nice.

So, the office will have to move.

And then I have worries about the cats-- how will they adapt to the baby? People with pets have kids all the time, and we have really really great cats. One of them, "the boy," is a wonder. Totally a snuggler, and wants to have love all the time. He'll even take it on my terms too, which makes him a total darling of a cat, since most cats only want attention on their own terms. So, the cats-- we'll have figure that out.

Then we're thinking of a trip to Spain in April, which means a pregnancy could be in early stages at that point. I think SCUBA would be out of the question, but even with flying there seems to be some questions. Is it safe, or not?

Okay, and I know I know I know these are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having a baby and the things we have to think about and do and question. But the really big question for us right now is about the sperm.

We got a donor. Why is this important? Well... because we are two women, who are "married", so to speak, and now we want a child. We have a lawyer on retainer right as of now. Partner has an appointment on Thursday for check up, general health, and questions. Quite possibly she could start trying in February or March. Heady heady stuff.

So, I'm going to try and keep track of some "stuff" on here. Feelings, emotions, problems, etc. I am really hoping that other people with children, pregnant woman, other gay and lesbian families, etc, find this blog and comment. Help. Or read. Or even people who don't have any children or want children. Whatever. But mostly, I want to track this experience. This scary ride into childing.


Anonymous Manuela said...

Well... I simply had to go back to the beginning of your journey to get the whole story. Your writing has this incredibly gentle warmth to it... it makes me feel like I'm snuggling into a big warm comforter with my cats and dog (ok... it might get a little crowded but you get the idea) on a rainy day.

AND! Something I immediately noted when I went back to this first post! It's the day little Ellie was born... so what? Well, Ellie was born to two women who were my awesome neighbours at the time... Although corny... I like to think of this as a good omen for you and partner!

4:18 PM  

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