Saturday, January 29, 2005

Neon Green Laces-- Always a Winner

Saturday night at the bowling alley! Perfect cure for cabin fever. Or would that be the pitchers of beer?

This worked wonders on our late afternoon mood, and I fear we got so zealous that we signed up for a fifteen week Wednesday night league with our friends J and R. It's called the "Get Off the Couch League." I thought if they called it the Cure for Cabin Fever League that would have really nice alliteration. Just call me the Poet Bowler.

Also, Partner kicks my ass in bowling too. As a young child, she bowled at 140. She was twelve. On my 12th birthday, I asked to go bowling with some friends. I bowled a ONE. This league should be interesting. I am supposed to be the "jock" in this relationship; after all, Partner and I were introduced after I was finished playing in a week night summer rugby game. Bring on the existential crises-- I fear there will be many. She'll show me a thing or too, that Partner, just like she did in our fall softball league.

I'm more interested in the pitchers of beer. And the funky shoes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How's that bowling going?

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