Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rugby Days

A harkening to earlier years today...

It's Six Nations time of year, which means a lot of beer at early hours of the day. It's unusual that I am home by now, because in my former days, I'd be out until the pub closed, nevermind I'd been in the pub since about 9:30. In the morning. As was the case today. Scotland lost. Alas, to France, and les pauvre Scots were robbed. But WALES WON!!! Against ENGLAND, and it was all in all a great day. Of course, when the English win, they all piss off out the pub, but if they had won, it would have still been packed. The Smithwicks was smooth, perhaps too much so, and now my biggest decision is deciding whether or not to watch Ireland beat the pants of Italy tomorrow.

I love rugby.


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