Friday, March 25, 2005

It's a Good Thing

  1. My local liquor store: This definitively marks me as a problem drinker. I love my local booze shop. I waxed on while in there buying my CC and vermouth about how much I love it there. The owner patted my hand. "I know, honey. I know," he said. "It's like a candy shop!" I yelped.
  2. My students (for the most part): Today the American Studies department presented a conference that undergraduates and graduates participated in. Years past, I have moderated panels, worked the check in desk, etc. This year I merely went to see my students present. I had four students giving papers-- and I was incredibly proud of them all. One of them even won the prize for best paper presented. That kid is a class act. You may think he was sucking up when I tell you what he said, but at the start of his paper, he thanked me. I love him. Sucking up works.
  3. Back to booze: I love the manhattan I am drinking right now.
  4. Easter flowers: Every year we have Easter at our house and we traditionally make baskets for everyone. No one really likes getting all that candy, and boy, it's fucking expensive. This year I bought everyone a potted crocus plant. I am so excited about how all the plants are going to look on the table. I am the lesbian Martha Stewart. I get excited about setting the table.
  5. Forty degree days: Some of my favorite bloggers are in warm parts of the country, and I try not to hate them for that. Still, days that go into the forties, when Partner says, "Let's grill tonight--it's kinda warm" give me serious hope that summer and warmth will come and this only makes me very very happy.

It's a good thing. All of the above. Very contented tonight.


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