Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Culture of Life

[Pre-posting note: If you click on one of the links below, choose "this" one. Sometimes when I am blogging about stuff like this, I get literally dizzy while sitting at the computer and feel like the desk is lilting to the right.]

Do they really care about it? No. Absolutely not. I mean, if they were concerned about it, then we'd be talking about poverty, homelessness, abuse. The number of people out there without access to healthcare. All those things seriously jeapordize a culture who supposedly proports a "culture of life."

My brother's girlfriend sent me a link to sign a petition to save Terry Schiavo. It ain't happening.

But I'd sign a petition to stop things like this happening. Where Congress and Bush on this one? Or doesn't this count in our culture of life?

Angry WannaBeMom.


Anonymous LL said...

Right on.
It's always hard to listen to the news. Terry Schiavo is being used.

11:27 PM  

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