Friday, March 18, 2005


I am considering a change here on this blog-- more specifically, not being anonymous. I have questions about this blog-genre anyhow, and being anonymous seems to compound the issue. Yet, some editing would be need to be done, meaning deleting some entries. I am still questioning this change.

Since I am a writer as part of my life, it feels odd to me to not use my name here. Yet I recognize that there are also parts of our life that we have been trying to protect too. Since that part of our life seems to be changing, I might have to change too. Hm. As we leave the known and enter into the anonymous world, I might have to leave anonymous and become known. Or at least partially known...

Does any of this make sense?


Blogger Soul Searching said...

There's something nice and easy about being anonymous, yet something "freeing" about being open about who you are. Tough decision, though...

7:29 PM  
Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

No doubt. Notice I haven't edited yet. (Mostly due to time constraints. How did I get so freaking busy??)

1:24 PM  

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