Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sounds of Summer...

... but first the winter. I am so fucking cold I can't stand it much longer. So far this year we've had at least 52 inches of snow. Last year at this time it was 19. (Things could be worse.) And it's bloody snowing again right now. Someone pointed out spring begins in a mere 18 days. I can see photos on other people's blogs, and it appears it may already by spring where these people live. People wearing windbreakers or long sleeved shirts with no jackets at all. This only confirms my suspicions that this is a God-forsaken state for at least six months of the year. Come the first week of May, I'll be all about the glory, but for now, WHERE IS THE FUCKING SUN?

I love the heat. Bring it on. The dog days of summer-- I love 'em. I like to feel the sweat. The hotter it is, the happier I am. Humidity? Doesn't phase me. My lovely parents bought a place in SC, and August is my favorite time to be there. I sit on the beach all day with my books and a couple beers, and try to soak up the sun, like a snake, hoping I will have some celluar memory of it come February. (Clearly, this does not work and probably the only celluar memory I am getting is skin cancer.)

We never use the air conditioning. And it does get hot here in the summer-- we have our 90 degree days with 110% humidity.

I once dated-- long distance-- a guy who lived in Austin TX. I went to visit for a couple weeks mid-summer in the middle of a heat wave and it was all the news stations could talk about-- how hot it was. At noon, you couldn't see a soul on the street. Except me. I was out by the pool, luxuriating. Mad dogs, English men, and me. How did I end up a northerner when I am clearly a cold-blooded animal best made happy by deliriously hot days?

So, okay, 18 days until spring, so I thought I'd find a good summer cd, plop it into the player, have a g-n-t, and sit under the halogen light: Look, I try to do the best I can with the tools I got. The perfect cd for this mind-game is called the "Sounds of Summer"-- It's one of those compilition cds, which can be cheesy, but it's got some great jazz pieces on it, and it was going to be perfect. Listen to a little Mel Torme sing me "Too Darn Hot," and have you heard the Ray Brown Trio do "Summertime"?

How totally wonderfully ironic: It ain't in the case, and I can't find it anywhere.

It's worse than that bleeding groundhog.


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