Friday, February 18, 2005

Post-Its, Windex, and Closets

Oh, God. I'm doing it. Actually cleaning the office. It's such a thankless task. In about one day, no one will be able to tell what I've done in here. Just like the bathroom, except it won't quite have the same shine and luster. Euch. Mark this down as one of my least favorite tasks, along with getting gas. I hate getting gas.

Still, odd things get unearthed in here. Like this little post it note here. It's my writing, no doubt about that. It says, "Names and Beets. (maybe pokeberries)." What is this about?? No recollection spring to mind.

And while I hesitate to relate this, there are pine needles on the desk. It makes me sound like a more slatterny woman that I am. But how did those needles get up here? Our Christmas tree was down and swept away very early January. Our Christmas tree was downstairs. The office, upstairs. I have cleaned this office between then and now.

Okay, while I am at it-- Partner does not read this blog, as much I exhort her to "go read the blog!' she doesn't do it. It's just not in her purview of things to do-- read voyeuristically about other peoples lives (or her own as the case may be). So, let me kvetch here for a moment: WHY, oh WHY, can she not put her dirty clothes into the hamper? Why do they have to be strewn about, albeit on her side of the closet? We have a chair in the closet (yes, it's big), and I can't even sit on the chair for all those clothes piled there!

Damn. I am making us both sound like pigs. We aren't really. The house is usually very tidy. I do laundry regularly. I am, what my family in Ireland called, "house proud."

But still. Pokeberries.


Anonymous ll said...

Sounds like partner needs her own room - or closet.

It is a requirement for me.
I NEED the freedom of putting away my laundry at the exact moment I choose.

It is my only joy.

(I couldn't resist the opportunity to be overly dramatic; however, I am serious about the laundry/freedom association. Weird. That's all I can tell you right now.)

1:33 AM  
Blogger LilySea said...

Mine puts her dirty socks on the floor, right beside the dirty laundry hamper.
She puts her not-dirty, to-be-worn-again clothes on TOP of the hamper, right beside the clothing rack I got for the purpose of temporarily hosting clothes that, albeit, live in a closet in another room.

So every morning, I remove the clean clothes from the top of the hamper and place them on the rack. I thne pick up the dirty socks and toss them in the hamper.

All of these things are so close together that it does not require me to take a single step to do all of it. I barely have to pivot.

Why oh why can't she just do it right the first time???

3:11 PM  
Anonymous ll said...

Well then! Okay, there is a point when one must be considerate. Even I could follow the directions that you have stated so clearly.

When sharing space with someone, the wishes of the person who is made most uncomfortable should always be honored. That’s just logical.

I still hold to the grand solution that these people who have loose laundry habits need to have their own space in which to let their laundry rot.

And partner must resist going in and cleaning up.

12:12 AM  
Blogger WordsRock said...

I would be intensely unhappy if my partner did not regularly read my blog. I put so much of myself there and want her feedback.

But as for the hamper, I'm guilty of not using ours either. Well. I do fill it when asked "Are your dirty clothes all in the hamper? I'm about to start laundry." Mwah. I'm so spoiled.

I've never met a pokeberry I didn't like. Then again, I've never met a pokeberry.


3:23 PM  

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