Monday, February 28, 2005

Identifying Anonymous

This blog world. It's so bloggy.

I jump around and read all these different blogs, and find some and think, oh, that looks interesting, I'll have to come back. But I don't bookmark it. And I don't link it because I haven't read that much of it and I don't know that I'll really enjoy for days or weeks on end. Some blogs I read all the time and haven't linked to them (yet). Don't know why about that either. All these things are probably aspects of this ejournal world that many people identify with. Let's see if you can identify with this one:

In my wanderings I have come across the blog of someone I know. Not well, mind you. But I know this person. And even though this person seems to have "come out" as a blog writer to some members of the community we have in common, I gather (from the blog!) it was in a smallish way. I feel funny reading the "secrets" of this person. By the same token, flip side, I wouldn't feel funny about said person reading all my "secrets" here. And since I found this blog in a random way, it feels different than those blogs of acquaintances of mine have that I was explicitly told about...

And then I did that thing: scanned the blog for any reference to me. Or Partner. Why on earth do I think there'd be a reference to me? And didn't I just say in a post or so ago that I wasn't that "self-absorbed." Jaysis. Proved myself wrong on that one. If there was ever a self absorbing task, it was to search an acquaintance's blog for references to yourself. And then feel blue when there was nothing. (Just so you don't think I am that crazy, there is a real reason I thought I might have a mention in this blog.)

So now what? I don't know whether to mention I've found the blog or not?

I am being ridiculous about this one. I know it.

This is like ars poetica, but instead it's ars bloggadia: "A blog should be palpable and mute..."


Blogger Soul Searching said...

I'd look for references to me in an acquaintance’s blog, too...especially if that person didn't know I was reading. Then I'm sure I'd get pissed if I did read something...

Ahh...the human mind :)

5:37 PM  
Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Ah! Ha ha ha! I did this with another person's blog, not the one mentioned, and got pissed anytime I even thought it sounded like it was mentioning me. My Partner had to tell me to snap out of my self-centered fantasies! We both laughed when we read your comment--it was soooo familiar.

10:22 AM  

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