Thursday, May 21, 2009

'Round Midnight

....I'm no Dexter Gordon, but around here 'round midnight is nice.

I'm still sitting on my back deck after having the wine night here tonight. I made cheese grits (y'all) and some shrimp to put with them. A homemade lemon tart. I like the details of things, so I pulled out my favorite yellow placemats, put out the wine glasses, arranged white roses and purple flowers in a blue and white pitcher in the center of the table. Primed the iPod. Had a pitcher ready for the friend who doesn't drink wine, but makes mojitos with the mint from her own backyard. Candles on the table ready to go. The shrimp marinating, everything mise en place.

Mise en place: this is how my life felt today. I had a list, and I tackled it. Never felt overwhelmed. I sat in a bookstore and read snippets of novels before deciding which one(s) to buy. I made a decision about my future job. I contacted people and got things moving in all sorts of different realms. And now I sit on the back porch that I own (yes, I own), and I look at the flowers in the light of candles and listen to a subdued interpretation of Faure's Sicilienne.

Is it possible that the summer makes that much of difference for me? When do I think about leaving a cold place for someplace else? How much of that question is metaphor and how much is grounded in reality? Maybe time to blow out candles, go inside and get under my covers. Read one of the books I bought today, drink a little green tea, and offer up my intentions.

Just don't want to lose the midnight mood, the feeling of warm, the candles reflecting on white roses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm happy to sense your contentment. A summer mood - wish it could be pulled out when we most need it. Instead we must remember that it WILL come again.

2:00 PM  
Blogger marie said...

Wow! That all sounds so delicious AND the perfect summer evening. Wish you coulda posted some of those cheese grits -- so we all could have had a taste.

9:38 AM  

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