Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small Brief Updates

Tonight: Again a sweet foretaste of summer with windows open and music playing in the living room. Do I go with the mood and just open my book or turn on the idiot box and veg out to the drama of working class England on Corrie? I'm so far behind on what's happening on The Street and a hot cup of tea with a McVitie Digestive actually sounds good too.

I'm "intending" per the advice of my friend Lilith. It worked wonders for her, so I am trying it all over the map. The key is to be positive in whatever you intend. Intend to "do" rather than "don't". I'm intending to respect myself, I'm intending to be a strong woman. I'm intending that my intentions are clear. I saw I'm trying it all over the map, but that isn't necessarily true. I'm not sure what I intend in many realms yet, so I have only a few I am working on, mostly about my physical health and, by Jove, I believe it works.

I'm finally reading a good book. I knew it would be. There are some authors you can just count on. Speaking of which, could Kingsolver or Atwood please write a new fiction novel? I'm happy to add Brooks to my list of favorites. I like everything she writes. I'm open to other novel suggestions.

Last night was party to say goodbye to friends from last job. Despite being on the opposite side of the political spectrum from one of them, I think we have become very good friends. I can't stand to hear him talk politics, but I think we'll definitely stay in touch.

The new job: exhausting in every realm. Physically nursing is a demanding job. There's no sleeping or downtime, especially on my unit. I'm impressed with my hospital thus far though-- maybe my unit, but the nurses are smart and good at what they do. I'm emotionally spent from the day. I want to know answers and how to do everything fast, but learning, I remind myself, is a curve. My preceptor, who I thought might not like me, does. She is worried about my Type A side and feels I might have to start saying the serenity prayer before work. She took me walking today at lunch. I am also making friends, which helps so much.

African music on the iPod: Partner leaves in a little over a month to go to Africa for a public health nursing project. I wish I was going. Part of the reason nursing appealed to me was to do outreach just like this. I have been practicing French in a more concerted effort, it will definitely help me to work in areas where I am most interested.

That's enough telegrams from my life. There's no overt narrative there and even I am not particularly fond of the short story genre. I appreciate a tale that I sink into and live in. Snippets aren't my thing and I'm stop them here for now. Snippets and sniping-- thumbs down to both.


Anonymous hd said...

Things seem to be lighter, a little brighter, for you. I am glad.

I hear you on Kingsolver. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral did not satisfy my need for her beautiful storytelling.

So what good book are you reading?

10:29 AM  

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