Friday, March 20, 2009

Clean Up, Smartypants

Today when Cricket naps:

Should I clean the kitchen from top to bottom, wash the cabinets down, get on my hands and knees and scrub the floor until it gleams, wash out the fridge shelves, organize the pantry, figure out what to cook for dinner? It will make me feel super to have a kitchen that clean. I love the clean, the sparkle, the way the room looks as light slices into the room in the morning. I may even like the cleaning process, enjoying the way I can see the dirt lift, the grime swipe away.

Or should I get out the acute care book, study EKG patterns, look at hemodynamic case studies? Will I really learn anything from doing this? I can read the book all I want, but in nursing school, it was the doing that taught me. I never learned as much as I did as when I was in the ER, doing things fast and watching changes happen to the patient in front of me. Studying in prep for the new job might not feel as good cleaning this afternoon, but it might feel great when I start the new job to not be a complete idiot. Because I like knowing things. I love when I see people now and they try to tell me drug they are on, and I know it. I like knowing the side effects, I like knowing the studies. I like to have the book smarts behind me.

Smart or clean? Clean or smart? Which one....


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