Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Into May

Tonight-- Drive out to friends house interrupted by spring, yellow flowers and earth so fresh from heavy winter that it looked purple. The trees were as they can only be in Michigan, in May, at dusk against a sky that thinks it might rain.

The friends-- Intelligent, introspective, quick, witty, and nice. How did I get blessed to meet these women? Laughter is quick and hugs are always long. I do, however, note that drinking red wine, eating chocolate, Meyer lemon cookies, key lime pie, have made my stomach hurt.

The remedy-- A train going through town and from here I hear it blow its horn. My window is open and I am hoping so that the 30% chance of thunderstorm happens. Mint tea is at perfect temp now, not piping hot any longer, but cool enough. A memory of my big baby's smile and curls when I came home.

Tomorrow-- Twelve hours at a job I am thoroughly enjoying. Patients who are sick, but some still can talk to me. Knowing enough but knowing I will learn so much more. I am still in the foothills, heading toward the mountains, but everyone around me is confident I'll make it.

The weekend-- Three days off in a row and already gatherings with the same friends above, brother and future sister-in-law, a dear friend and her three children on Saturday morning at the market.

The mood-- Now? Quietly introspective. Serene, with underlying blue tones overlying yellows. Content and understanding. Opening the heart to know why people try to hurt people they love and feeling calm settle in that cleft.


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Happy Mother's Day, KT. Hope you are well.

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