Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things I Don't Blog About

I like to think I am remarkably honest on this blog. After all my reproductive and sexual histories are largely public information. I have had no problem detailing or showing hints of intimate details that went into the making of our Cricket. I have cried and laughed in a very real way regarding all the aspects of this singular part of my life. And I've added some other honest portraits in the life of Katie as well, but there are secrets. I suspect that if I wrote about them honestly, I might stop grinding my teeth at night. I'm not ready to start writing about the secrets at this moment since I have test tomorrow. (I am definitively procrastinating by blogging right now, and I still need to review anti psychotic medications, so blogging meaningfully about secrets is just not going to happen. Yet.) However, I do have a wee bit of time to list five of the secrets I am reluctant to blog about:

1. Money & Finances, or lack thereof.
2. The current ownership of our house which is on its third summer on the dreadful Michigan market.
3. Excitment and terror about thinking of moving into at least 2,000 square feet less than we have right now, or "how will I live in a house that is as big as my master bedroom is right now?"
4. My apathy about my impending nursing degree
5. My changed post-Cricket relationship with Partner
6. Reverting to 20 year old status by signing up for Facebook

What I want to know: what do you not blog about? Why? What should I be blogging about, and why?


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Should Write More But Have Ungodly Amounts of Reading to Do.

So I will post pictures of Cricket instead.

Here we are readying him for his life of education. I had my "fake" graduation a few weekends ago. Fake because I still have 20 credits to go. Every credit more takes a little bit more of soul, so I guess it was good to pseudo-celebrate while I still own part of my soul before the nursing school takes it all. The Cricket was very good at a full day's worth of festivities, therefore he got to wear the hat. Cricket: Pre-leg break, shopping for bread with me on a cool Saturday morning. I almost can't even remember these Halcyon days of walking. By himself.

Cricket's cast is off. Which I'd say should be a resounding "THANK GOD" but he's still not walking on it. He is holding his leg up, but crawling everywhere. He will pull himself up to standing, but will not stand on the leg. After three set of x-rays from his very own grandfather and nary a fracture to be seen, I'm flummoxed. There was one spot where there was maybe a fracture. The grandfather doctor says to not push it. Maybe there's a break that we can't see (?!?!?) and he's protecting it. I just want walking/running Cricket back. Here is the kid moments before his leg broke:
I post this pic for Chris especially. Another reason I'd like my kid to start walking again is that he was so into the Swiffer. I need the help around the house. It's time for him to start earning his bread (or cheese as the case may be) again.

Finally, Cricket says goodnight. He and I both hope that I will find time to blog again in earnest soon. I have so many things to say, my head hurts with the sheer multitude of things I'd like to be blogging about it. Keep fingers crossed that the Cricket returns to walking soon.

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