Monday, March 08, 2010

Not an Exciting Post, but Hey! At Least I'm Writing!

I'm sitting in my car while the wee man naps behind me. It's time wake up him up, but I am so full of peace right now, the windows to our car down, the breeze blowing through the car and Mendelssohn playing on the iPod. Occasionally the big wind chimes will make a move, the sound of dripping water as the snow melts.

It's a good moment. I have decided I need a focus for my yoga practice, something to meditate on while I am pushing my body, something more for my soul. I know there are mantras already made up for me, but right now I want to listen to what my body is telling me. Yesterday at the end of yoga as I was supine on the floor in Savasana, this is what I heard: "Let me feel the joy in the quotidian and the joy in the joyful." Every in and out breath, I thought this and tried to let it fill me. Then last night I went to a good friend's house who plied me with Rose wine, let me sit in her sauna alone, and then fed me. I feel asleep on her couch. I drove home almost in a dream, and finally when I slipped under the covers, I felt so supple, so alive, I knew something about that meditation in Savasana worked for me. And it's working right now too. I'm going to stay with this intention all week. Joy is something I have been missing for awhile. I think about Kahil Gibran said, "He who has not looked on Sorrow will never see Joy." The sorrow will still come-- the first time Cricket is gone from this house to his new house-- I will feel the sorrow in that, painfully I am sure.

For now, let me feel the joy in the quotidian and the joy in the joy. Like right now, the promise of spring and green and sunlight all over me again. Just being here.


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Thanks girl :)

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Have an awesome day :)

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