Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stupidly Smug

To the Lady in the Silver Saab:
I saw you today driving around Ann Arbor, which at one point was probably its own little enclave, but is now probably a suburb of Detroit, there's that many people commuting nowadays. You had a bumper sticker that proudly proclaimed that you only shop at stores that are locally owned. And yet you were driving a foreign car. In the Detroit area. Huh. I wonder if you thought about that?

(P.S. to the blog readers: I am not opposed to foreign cars. You need to buy what you feel is right for you and and your family. I'm just noting that the bumper sticker didn't quite jive, n'est-ce pas?)


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Something about a Pumpkin Being Great

The thing is when we go for Cricket's check-ups, they do all the requisite measuring and his head, well, it's big. 98th percentile big. And I happen to love big headed babies, so I find him delectably cute. But this big head screamed out one and only choice for a Hallowe'en costume. Without further ado: