Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

A few things:

1. Clarification: Ultimately my decision to postpone the beta was selfish. When I find out if I am or if I amn't pregnant, I want it to be my time. I don't want to share with PS. I also don't want to incur any kind of competition like vibes to any of it.

2. Heavenly: Right now, drinking a perfect cuppa builder's tea with Boland's cream biscuits. I love Bolands. I could eat the whole damn package. I am limiting myself to two.

3. Hilarious: Partner and I were in stitches last night watching this. Does anyone else in the world still remember who Hoffa was? You know you you're from Michigan when Hoffa rumors make the leading news headline. When I was in high school, the scuttlebutt was that Hoffa was buried in the endzone of our football field. I bet eight of ten SE Michigan high schools had the same rumor.

4. Playing with Fire: That's me. If I'm pregnant, I'm already breaking the rules. Last night I ate soft cheese. Goat cheese. Nothing bad has happened to me today. It's unreasonable to expect me to give up manhattans, dirty vodka martinis, vodka gimlets, and soft cheese. I draw the line somewhere. Give me cheese.

5. Finally: The painters are gone. Now all I have to do is pluck up the "borrow" nerve and ask for a not-so wee loan from my parents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About cheese:
"soft" is not a problem. It's unpasturized runny cheese that is potentially a problem. (And most soft goat cheeses sold in the U.S. are pasturized.)
Very silly to pick on this fact in the midst of so many more important ones, but I am a cheese freak and ardent defender of the milky cause.
And I am hoping that you will be needing this knowledge for the coming months.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Nah, I am still not convinced of your selfishness. If you are going to call it anything, call it self-preservation. Come round and have tea and biscuits with me.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Sami said...

Regarding number 3... as I'm from Michigan as well...I also laughed... and we too had the football field rumor. I hope that the postponement of beta day goes smoothly and that your celebration for PS goes smoothly as well.

As for breaking the rules it's okay I believe I've done the uhh dirty martini breaking of rule during the two week wait.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Manuela said...

Gosh, I've missed coming here! Sorry I've been so absent... I can hardly wait to start the mad refresh-athon as you approach beta.


12:17 AM  
Blogger Thalia said...

Soft cheese is not the issue for me so much - sushi is what's going to kill me. Don't know if they go for that in Michigan.

I could not have waited, I would have moved the test to monday instead of tuesday. But that's me. Hoping very hard for you.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Nico said...

I've broken the no deli meat rule a few times, and I'm still standing!

I'm gonna have to try and find Bolands. They sound delish, and I'm always in the marked for a good biscuit to go with my tea. Are they a specialty item, or can you get them anywhere?

10:01 AM  
Blogger Pixie said...

Rules?! Oh...NO!!!
Ha-- I, definitely broke the martini, VO and ginger, red wine, AND sushi rule- before the positive yes there's a baby result... And after that? Well...let's just say that you gotta keep your sanity somehow. Yes I ate the deli meat.
(Oh and Jade?- He's fine!)
Hey now-- good happy wishes and prayers coming your way from down here in Atlanta!

11:08 AM  
Blogger chris said...

Well, my head just exploded. Turns out I couldn't stand the wait.

Hope all went well this weekend.

Dear girls, I hope all is well otherwise and that you get the best news possible.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Soul Searching said...

Cheese rocks. Seriously. But money totally blows.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous pixi said...

I completely get your reasoning for delaying the beta. I don't know that I could have done it, because I am seriously impatient when it comes to finding things out (I mean seriously, when I read a book, I skip to the last chapter after about 100 pages then go back and read the rest - every time). But I understand. Either way - that day is yours. I so hope that we get to have a little internet celebration (or at least the start of one) come Wednesday. One that honors you & P!

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Soft cheese is therapy as you wait. Hoping to be celebrating with you soon; quite impressed with your patience.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Emilin said...

Do what I did: get all your cheese from a superduper├╝ber-reputable source. When you know the cheesemaker, you can feel confident about the artisan cheeses you eat.

9:25 AM  

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