Friday, May 05, 2006


We're moving ahead, and it was really nothing to be scared of in the end. Just a little surging estrogen and two big bad follicles that are perhaps intimadating the other smaller ones. Dr. BusyBusyBusy himself had troubles locating the right ovary today, so now we're praying that ovary will move into visible range before Tuesday, since that's the estimated retrieval date...

I'm knackered, friends, otherwise I'd write more. This Lovenox is really kicking my arse.

The best news we got today, and we'd like to take it as an omen of further good things to come, is that Partner's sister passed the bar! Cheer loudly! We've had our differences, but this couldn't have happened at a better time and I am thrilled for her. Absolutely thrilled to bits. But I have to take a nap because I think we're celebrating tonight.


Anonymous Lynnette said...

Sorry to be MIA. Crazy rehabbing going on here. Trying to get as much done as possible before I leave for SA. Good luck with the retrieval! BTW, you're freaking me out a little with the Lovenox talk...I start mine on Wednesday...

12:36 AM  
Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Tuesday!!! I am so thrilled that things are moving along for you and Partner.

Enjoy the celebrations because it is going to be a long 9 months for you without a drink!!

11:11 AM  

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