Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Secret

Well, a secret for now anyway. I haven't had a chance to tell Partner yet, but we get Depot Lupron shots on 12 April. Procedure week is 7 May.

This is, of course, exciting for any number of reasons, one of which is that I have told myself I will begin to eat carbs again while we cycle. In particular, I'm thinking of the cookies and coffee Jen and Cait sent to us. (We actually drank some of the coffee already and it was nectar of gods that I remembered.)

The downside to this, however, is this cuts right into when we thought we'd get to be in South Carolina. My mom is going to be there at the house, with the dog, and we thought perhaps a few days on beach (with the dog) would be good for us. I still think it would be. Partner's idea was that perhaps we could go during our two week wait. Unfortunately (again), we are taking the follow-up to RHC 101-- RHC 201. Partner thinks we could miss a couple classes, but little did she know that she is partnered to the anal student extraordinaire. (Last night, I found out I had the second highest grade in the class and was duly pissed off because someone is beating me. This is really a quick way to a heart attack, and I'm trying to calm down about it.)

Still. Cycling.... Again. I could fail all the really hard classes out there if I thought it would help us get pregnant.

Maybe that trip is in order...


Blogger art-sweet said...

oooo... crossing my fingers for you.

This is such a frickin miserable rollercoaster. I really hope it works for you this time. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting at my place - it meant a lot to me.

What is the class that you're taking?

10:53 PM  
Blogger Hoping said...

Good Luck!

10:14 AM  

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