Friday, February 03, 2006

Cycling Update

First of all, I don't imagine I'll be posting that much this weekend after this update, so pace yourself. Or don't. The entry beneath this one has a glorious recipe if you're looking for something to eat, but this isn't about food, it's about follicles!

I realize I haven't been posting as many minute by minute entries about how the cycle is going, and that's remiss of me. Many of you understand the intimacies of this stuff, so let me briefly tell you what is happening. Perhaps your eyes won't glaze over the way I am sure my mother's do when I am trying to tell her this stuff over the phone.

We started the cycle, if you remember, both of us, with follicles galore. No one thought to revamp the protocol, which we both worried about. Partner is getting 300 of the Gonal-F and 3 amps of the Repronex. I could safely say this is kicking her ass. And it was really fun to shoot up in the bathroom stall of higher education institution where we are taking RHC 101.

The idea was the increased drugs would amount in increased egg production. Last time there was some question about "egg quality," and Dr. BusyBusyBusy said there is a correlation between quantity and quality, which sounds counterintuitive to me, but since he's got the specialty and the actual medical license, whereas I only have the Google medical degree, I'll believe him. This once.

So far, the follicles have barely increased in number, but we're still hoping for double digits this time. Partner relates she feels much more full than the last cycle. Hopefully this is a good sign. On the ultrasounds this week, one ovary was overtaking the other, so last night I had to masquerade as Partner (who was in a training session) and get a new prescription: Ganarelix. (The story of pretending to be Partner is one that I should tell. One of the perks of lesbianism may in fact be picking up prescriptions for your Partner from a new pharmacy without a HIPAA release!)

So does anyone have any experience with the Ganarelix? It's a sub-cu shot and Partner does not like it. At all. Apparently it shuts off the LH production from the brain, which means Partner will not ovulate off that one ovary that is going great guns and will let the smaller one catch up. Even though all this IVF stuff is a royal pain in the ass, it's fascinating chemistry, eh?

So as of today after only two Ganarelix shots, it appears to be doing it's stuff. One ovary has at least six and the other has at least four follicles, so we're hoping for a baker's dozen. Dr. BBB wanded me, and decided I didn't even need a blood test my uterus was so thick and plush.

As of now he thinks we'll trigger on Sunday night.

We'll see. I'm far more ambivalent about this cycle than the last. Things change so freaking quickly, that I just am taking it one day at a time.

And to combat any uneasiness, I'm leaving the internets and going to cook dinner for us. Have a great weekend, friends, and after ultrasounds on Sunday, I'll let you know what is on the books in terms of moving forward.


Blogger Sara said...

Wow...sounds like things are going as planned with the follicles and drugs, etc. I hope you two are able to have a relaxing weekend free of "Google searching" for more things to worry about.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Lynnette said...

Everything sounds great...I keep forgetting how far into the cycle you are! Have a great weekend!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous mamacate said...

This is where it's way more "art" (forgive the pun) than science. Your RE is clearly experienced and is paying close attention and not just blindly following a protocol, and IME, that's the best place to be. I think back in the stone ages (you know, 2001) when I was doing this, that had a different name, that I'm shocked I've forgotten. I remember being really worried about spontaneously ovulating, and my doc telling me that 90% of the time, your own system totally shuts down in the face of the giant quantities of hormones you're injecting. Anyway, whatever the heck the name of that stuff is, which I used right when it first came out, didn't give me any problems. And I know some people who were low responders who get pg on it.

Speaking of low response, I don't recall the specifics of your first cycle, but when egg counts are very low, there is usually a quality issue. This also often goes along with a lead follicle, which is what it sounds like your doc is being very proactive about--go dr. bbb! Sometimes small numbers of eggs retrieved after standard stimulation protocols are of high quality, but very often that's not the case. Oddly, very large numbers of eggs retrieved can have quality issues too (that was my problem). Anyway, everything you're saying sounds really good. Just make sure Dr. BBB stays on the case, and remember that if something doesn't sound right to you, it very likely isn't. It took me many cycles to realize that the potential of embarrassment or being annoying was way, WAY less important to me than the possibility that something WAS off and might mess up the cycle. And I was surprised to find that asking polite, intelligent (usually) questions was more likely to engender positive responses than annoyance.

Anyway, fingers crossed. That was what I really wanted to say.

(ANTAGON! That's what it used to be called. Antagon. You know, because it's a GNRH-Antagonist, but also slightly classically hellenistically tragic. Love the pharma wordsmiths.)

11:48 AM  
Blogger PortLairge said...

Ooooooohhhhhh it's all going swimmingly. Plush lining, a good number of eggs, trigger on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend. I'll have my Mother light candles. I never heard of Ganarelix but it sound
s like it is doing it's thing.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Aw sweetie, it is all a crap shoot really. Things sound like they are going swimmingly and I hope the trigger goes well today.

Love the recipes from the previous post...we want more!!!

I was thinking of you as we went past Murrayfield stadium yesterday!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Career Guy said...

Umm, it's not for me to say maybe, but a plush uterus sounds very inviting--(fertilizationally speaking)--hope things continue going well.

5:05 PM  
Blogger NMsurrogate said...

Ooh, it is today! Thinking of you. Can't wait to hear the egg count!!!

10:51 AM  

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