Friday, April 22, 2005

Dr. Dyke Update

Today was Dr. Dyke day.

I took Partner with me since we were hoping that Dr, Dyke was the “one,” and let me tell you, we’re asking her to move in with us next week. Get out the U-Haul. She’s super. Partner left totally high with a great referral to an IVF clinic, and I left with prescriptions for a mammogram, genetic counseling, and a pelvic ultrasound. Who do you think had more fun at this appointment? And Partner gets to go back on Monday for even more merrymaking.

The good news is the prayers seemed to have worked. If all continues on track, then it seems like Partner will indeed be able to start trying in June! There were two clinics that Dr. Dyke suggested, one that would probably be covered by our insurance, el-Cheapo Clinco, and one not covered, aka Private Aggressive Associates. She offered to pressurize some people at El-Cheapo Clinco, since wait lists are traditionally about six months to get in there. I was pleased she said this without our having to ask, and as I was hm-ing and ha-ing about the Private Aggressive Associates, Partner apparently made up her mind that was where we were going. Paying out of pocket. But as she says, this is the most important purchase we're ever going to make in our lifetimes. It's funny to think of that way. She also feels she doesn't have any time to lose since she's 36 and everyone keeps telling her how old she is to start trying now. (How do people do it earlier than this?!? I still feel like we are too young! But good God, my own mother was only twenty-two when she had me!! A babe with a babe in the woods.)

We got in the car and called Private Aggressive Associates right away, and guess what? We have an appointment there this TUESDAY for our first consultation. We made sure they were all okay with lesbians, and they laughed-- "Of course we're okay with lesbians!" Sure they are-- Hetero or homo, we all pay with the same green money.

Dr. Dyke indicated this clinic may push us to do things we don't necessarily need to do since it is an IVF clinic. This is the odd world of lesbians trying to have babies-- we're at the IVF clinic because we need a little extra help getting pregnant, but it might have nothing to do with fertility (we are really hoping). Dr. Dyke told us they'd probably put Partner on Clomid right away and give us a little ovaluation predictor kit. (I am a wee bit apprehensive about the Clomid, so if you have any experience here, please tell me what I am in for.) The other thing about Private Aggressive Associates is they pride themselves on an average success rate of 4 cycles or less. I think this sounds good also. Is it? Good? And since we don't have any ostensible problems with fertility, it bodes well.

Yes, Dr. Dyke wins. Hand down. And even though the forecast is an inch of snow to fall overnight, and it's rainy and disgusting outside now, I feel that warming of baby hope again. After all the rigamarole, we might finally get to grow one of our own. (However now comes the daunting task of ranking our cryobank choices, and this is an interesting bloggable topic of its own.)

Yesterday morning Partner said to me as I was weepy at the sink that perhaps we should both be trying at the same time and whoever gets pregnant first, well, that's that. No way is what I told her, and Dr. Dyke agrees, but she also seems to think I should start trying to get the babies I want to have out of the way sooner rather later, and this relates to the genetic counseling I'll be going in for. If I do indeed have what they are looking for, then there's things they can do, apparently, to help any cancer from forming. I have no clue what this is about, and won't until the genetic counsellor calls me. The family history is strong and young enough that she had worries. My dad's mother died around 45 from ovarian cancer, which makes everyone suspect of the pain I have in my own right ovary lately, and his sister was 39 when diagnosed with breast cancer, and since my own breasts can only be rightly descibed as "bazoums", she thinks it's good to get a baseline right now, even though a mammogram will probably not yield much. As Father Jack would say, "Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!" Pft. It is what it is, and I can tell you more about this as I know more myself.

Ah well, at the end of the day, I think Dr. Dyke worked out quite well, and it appears that early prayers about Dr. Dyke and June are paying off. We're going to keep our fingers crossed, and probably spend more time than we have at the cyrobank website until we leave for vacation (in five glorious days).

Now, off for a cocktail even though it is only 3:50, but it's Friday, and it's been a long exciting and harrowing day for us, and I think we deserve it. (But I also think you deserve a cocktail for merely waking up too, so take my advice with a grain of salt. On a margarita.)


Blogger Career Guy said...

It must be exciting, but a little bit scary as things get going. I know you'll keep us apprised!

8:04 PM  
Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

You better believe it! It's more than scary, it's almost not even an emotion right now...

8:27 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

So glad you liked the doctor. I had some very negative experiences with ob-gyns. It was surprising to discover such blatant homophobia in the medical field.

As for the medication question, I started clomid from the start and didn't notice any side-effects.

11:31 PM  
Blogger mermaidgrrrl said...

I recommend not getting stimulated with Clomid if you can avoid it. I haven't read your entire blog yet so I'm not sure if you grrrls are charting your cycle the natural way yet? We've started charting with temperature, mucus, bleeding, Maybe Baby results, abdo cramps - everything! I'm a registered nurse and super-suspicious of aggressive doctors, mainly cause I work with them! I think charting is nice too cause it's a "together" thing for us, and it sticks on the fridge to be a visual reminder of what we're planning for so good preparation too.
This site has info on Clomid -
Maybe Baby tester link -
Good luck!

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Clomid Side Effects said...

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I have experienced some of these side effects-
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