Monday, March 26, 2007

The Kiddio Recovereth

When I wrote my essays for nursing school, I thought it might be helpful to indicate what type of nursing I'd like to do. I think this approach worked because when I was interviewed, I was asked about my essays and my intended speciality. What did I say? Pediatric nursing.

Cricket is making me doubt it this week. I can hardly stand to hear him cough. How exactly did I (do I?) think that I could work in a PICU? Or children's oncology? I'm not saying I'm totally off the idea, but it's really heartbreaking to see a kid sick, and I knew all along he was going to get better. Get my gist?

The big news? He's sleeping, upstairs, in his swing. I am downstairs, at the computer. For the past four nights he has slept alone, albeit in his car seat, which I have placed into the co-sleeper. We strap him in and off he goes. While some sleep people/parents might say not to do this, I can't help but note that is far far safer than sleeping on us in a chair. He can sleep with the fucking car seat until he's ten. I don't care. Just sleep. Without me.

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Blogger Anna said...

We went through the same thing!! We went from the Bee sleeping on me to putting him in the vibrating bouncy seat inside the co-sleeper. Sleeping back in my own bed after all that was absolute bliss!!! Little by little, he'll get there!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Lisa in NJ said...

I remember my son being the same way till about 4 months or so. He would not sleep in his crib, so the good old bassinet was my way to get him to sleep. Good luck

3:09 PM  

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