Saturday, February 17, 2007


Someone tell me it was sleep deprivation, but did I really see a Cadillac ad with a Pogues song?

The Pogues ≠ Cadillac.



Anonymous j said...

Yes, yes you did.

Much like my Violent Femmes do NOT = Wendy's. Check my rant from last week;)

9:48 AM  
Blogger kati said...

hello, i do not know you. also, i am not in the united states, so i cannot comment on the content of this post (although i'm highly intrigued with the notion of the femmes being somehow involved with wendy's...). someone passed me your blog address today on the live journal community "suckitupdyke," as i complained about the derth of information for a lesbian couple trying to make a baby. i've apparently come along about two years into your blog's existence, but i just wanted to say that i fully intend to read it all. it's captivated me. i am way back where you were in january 2005, including the part about not really knowing which who will be which part of thank you so, so much for existing. i am very excited to learn more. i want to know every detail of every step. i am so excited that there might be someone out there who can make me feel like i'm not trying to reinvent the (lesbian) wheel.

i'll be back...thanks for being here. don't delete 2005 anytime soon :)


8:00 PM  

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