Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pregnancy Symptom #42: In Which I Become an Old Grouch

On Sunday night we were exhausted. Shower number one happened that day and I honestly think we were just both so overwhelmed by the amount of loot and the tangible realization that the stuff will actually be used (with the help of God and a few policeman, as my Gramma would have said) that we fell asleep, both of us, about 8:30. While watching something about the Battle of Culloden. Not that that wasn't exciting or anything.

When we roused ourselves, Partner realized she had some work that needed to be done and as we sat in the office, we noted a car sitting outside out house. Just sitting there. It drove away, but reappeared minutes later. Pulled into our driveway and sat there for a few minutes.

Then I noticed our new neighbors behind us-- it appeared that there was party. A teenage party! On a Sunday night!! Of all things! So we assumed, I think correctly, that the car was looking for that party. Peering unabashedly, squinting and otherwise, I sussed out that the kids were playing beer pong. And then I promptly got freaked out. I told Partner I was sure they were going to get drunk and come harass us. The lesbian neighbors. Not hurt us or anything, just harass.

Partner tried to calm me down-- She noted that could have been her in high school or any number of other young high school people we know now. She noted that the kids of our neighbors were probably not likely to bug us, and if they did, the parents would kick their asses.

She's right, of course. Nothing happened, and the next day I felt like a fool. And then I realized I'm becoming a freaking curmudgeon. As soon as this kid is born and I don't have to worry about feeding it every two hours, I think I need a good night out on the piss. Pregnancy has turned me into an 80 year crotchety person who yells at the kids to get off her grass. I've gone from being cheap on the heat to complaining about someone taking my seat in Chemistry to worrying about kids playing beer pong...

Seriously. This has got to stop.


Blogger chris said...

Bah. I was like that before. Little bastards.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Gandksmom said...

Beer pong aside....whadya haul in for the shower? I love looking at all that cool baby stuff!

7:16 PM  

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