Friday, September 01, 2006

Coming Together

Midwife appointment day-- Which I have to admit, I was really ready for this week. I have still found myself waking up on my stomach. It's because there's so much fat room in there, a noticeable bump for those who don't regularly see me naked is not apparent. And fyi, no one regularly sees me naked but Partner. Still even though I know that my fat is to blame, I was plagued by thoughts that the baby wasn't growing in there, or moving, and you know what the end result of thoughts like that are... I won't even say it outloud, but believe me, at 2:00 a.m., in the darkness, the bad bad thoughts run rampant. Of course thoughts like those thrive on the midnight hours. The same thoughts seem almost silly only twelve hours later. (This might be one reason why I have a problem with winter-- more hours in the dark to brood about what might be but probably never will be.)

I also haven't felt-felt the kid yet. I guess Partner and I decided that some of the fluttering I was feeling was indeed the Cricket, but being kind of thick sometimes (not just in the middle), I have desired a definitive jab in the gut. Come on kid, sock it to me! As an ex-rugby player, one might say that I need to be hit hard to even feel it. It's a theory anyway.

When I went out to leave the requisite pee, Partner apparently asked the midwife if the flutterings I was feeling might be the Cricket, and she said definitely. I suppose it wasn't hard to get there by deductive reasoning: A. Katie feels distinct fluttering in her abdominal region. B. She never felt those feelings before being pregnant. What might a logical conclusion be? Huh. Hmm. I wonder?

So when I hopped on the table so she could Doppler my beer gut/pregnant belly, she noted that maybe when listening to the heart, she'd hear it move too, and if I could match that movement with the flutter, we'd have proof in the pudding.

Okay-- Let me just say, the kid is a Mexican jumping bean. Rambunctious isn't overstating it. Kick, kick, kick, roll around, kick, jab, kick. We could hear the heart get louder or softer as it moved around. And it was hard for the midwife to really get the heart rate count because the kid was moving so much. She was laughing out loud. "You really can't feel that?" she said to me? Nope. Nada. "Well, if you can't feel it now, it won't be long until you can."

I came home to try and teach myself out of the Essential Drug Dosage Calculation book (with stupid elemental mistakes in basic math, and believe me you, I'm penning a letter to the publisher about it) and felt the flutterings. The Cricket. Fluttering around. With a heart beating. I think I'm going to have a baby. And I can unequivocally say that today was the first day I felt enormous amounts of excitement about the whole thing-- excitement that was unhindered. It floated up to the sky. It filled my house. It's made me warm. Baby.


Blogger Pixie said...

Yes! Yes Baby!

I don't even know you and I am jumping for joy for you!

What a beautiful feeling you have shared. Thank you.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing! I am so happy for you!!!
I love you!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Lynnette said...

That's so cool...

8:24 PM  
Anonymous amanda said...

That's wonderful. I'm anxiously waiting to feel movement, but I've gotten nothing so far. I'm so glad the excitement has found you.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Suz said...

Ohh...I didn't feel movement until late! I'm so glad that you're doing well!!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

A baby! Yay!

I think we used an older version of that drug dosage book in nursing school and it had a ton of mistakes in it then (almost 10 years ago). Glad to know some things never change.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Congratulations on feeling the baby move. It is such a wonderful feeling.

As for the stomach sleeping...if you're comfortable, keep doing it. I slept on my stomach until about 36 weeks. Eventually I modified it so I was on my side/stomach and using about 4 pillows to maintain it but it was the most comfortable way to get some rest.

8:47 AM  
Blogger PortLairge said...

Congratulations Katie. It is the most wonderful feeling. I slept on my stomach until my bump was too big to do so. Even now at 35 weeks with careful pillow positioning, I can get almost on my stomach. Enough to try and fool my body to think I am on my stomach so I can sleep. My hips have never forgiven me for trying side sleeping. I'm like an old woman of 90 getting out of bed in the morning.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous amy said...

That fluttering and later the kicks and jabs are by far the most incredible things I've ever felt in my life! I miss them now so enjoy every second. Time will surely fly and soon you'll feel your angels hands and toes on the outside and that's pretty neat too!

9:30 PM  
Blogger frog said...

I can't tell you how much joy this post brought to the lilypad!


11:41 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

So glad that you are getting excited and able to enjoy some of being pregnant. How is the morning sickness? I hope it is getting better. Good luck wiht your classes.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

One of the best parts of pregnancy was feeling P move, especially for the first time that there was no question about it. Your post made me feel warm and smiley (and I don't say that lightly about pregnancy issues)!

12:43 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Yay! Have a great weekend!

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Manuela said...

Hi Stranger!

Sorry... I know I haven't been around much lately. Bit of a crap blogger-pal aren't I?

Regardless... I was tickled pink to read this post... just delighted. But HEY! Ease up on yourself with all the 'fat' and 'beer belly' references, girl! I KNOW that you are just divinely gorgeous... pregnantly divinely gorgeous.


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Sassy said...


11:16 PM  
Blogger mermaidgrrrl said...

Of course you're having a freaking baby! You are both mummies now!

4:35 AM  
Blogger Michko said...

I could be pregnant every day of my life if just to feel the little flutters and the big kicks. It's such an amazing feeling. Makes me feel even more alive.

11:51 AM  
Blogger chris said...

That's wonderful. Maybe you have a little rugby player in there too?

5:50 AM  
Blogger Nico said...

Feeling the movement makes it seem so much more real, doesn't it? I miss it already!

6:05 PM  

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