Monday, April 25, 2005

One Uterus. Two Uteri.

I just wanted to note that tomorrow we have consult number one at the IVF clinic with a new doctor, the RE, henceforth known as Dr. [edited because Partner just told me this was racist. We'll wait until we meet him and perhaps he'll have another name after that.]. 3:00 pm. [Editing again: Private Aggressive Associates just called and Dr. [don't know a catchy name for him yet] will not be in today, so we've been cancelled. Bad news: We won't be able to see a RE until we come home from our trip, so this probably means no May cycle attempt. Good news: first consult is on the house since they have inconvenienced us.]

It's been a process for us to get this far, but I was thinking, it's probably far easier for Partner and me to "get" a baby than two gay men. Finding anonymous sperm and purchasing it is probably much less complicated than finding a spare uterus. And certainly less anonymous. (This is assuming two gay men might want to go this biological route, and not the adoptive route, which has it's own perils for gay people, especially in Michigan, where there is NO two parent adoption.)

Mm. Suddenly I have great affection for our two uteruses. Uteri? Whatever. I love them. I hope they work.


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