Thursday, December 07, 2006

And So What Else is New with You?

1. For some reason, I am having problems commenting on TypePad blogs. If you have a typepad blog, I bet I've tried to comment and have been denied. I have things to say to you, you typepad people. And I've been thwarted. If you know me at all (and friends who've met/know me in the flesh can attest to this) I do not like being thwarted when I have something to say. Frustration abounds.

2. The new house, which I am trying to not fall in love with, has a promising new framing crew working on it. I can survey the progress from the upstairs bedrooms. Tuesday, the decking for the first floor went down. Here's a shot of the action:

The house will be on the home tour in the spring, and I've already bought Cricket a homeshow outfit. As the kid of the builders, it's important he/she look the part. At the appropriate time (!!), there will be a photo of this too. I am trying to not fall in love with the new house because it's highly likely that the new house will generate more buyer interest than our current home. I love our house right now, but since it's the first house off the corner, this makes potential buyers nervous. We've had more lookers than we have a right to in this crazy-bad market, but no one with an offer. Sometimes I wake in a panic worrying that we'll end up carrying both houses, but we just wave away such black thoughts for now. There will be no black thoughts.

3. Countdown to the end of the semester. It will be hard to not to finish out microbiology and chemistry without A's. I'm pleased by this, as Chemistry previously appeared in my imaginings as my arch-nemesis. I've tamed the beast, but will go on in the spring to take Organic BioChem. It's the last pre-req I have for any program, but one newly formed program a university near us has stated that applying students must have all pre-reqs finished before applying. The application deadline? 15 May. For one brief moment I considered registering for the course in the winter semester. How hard, I thought, could one measly class be? I can have a baby and take this course! By the time I had walked to my car from the classroom, I reconsidered this folly. I'm not doing it. I don't want to be in labor be worried about missing Biochem lab. Of course, Partner herself will be taking the class next semester, but still... Since I'm the food source, I'm opting out. If I can't apply, then I guess that wasn't meant to be.

4. I had a phone interview with the program I would very much like to be admitted to. There were near or over 400 applicants for 48 spots. Even if I don't get in, I'm pleased I was interviewed. We were supposed to hear from this particular program before Thanksgiving, so we could either please or disappoint our families with the news. Unfortunately, they are behind, probably because of the influx of applicants (which is probably because of the shitty Michigan economy). The latest scuttlebutt is that we'll hear by next week at the latest. The 14th is the current date I've heard bandied about, but never mind every day I'm checking the mailbox for non-existent news. I'll probably get waitlisted. Limbo.

5. Somehow I went from gaining nearly no weight at all (even losing a pound at my last appointment) to gaining 7 at today's appointment. I knew it was feeling harder to get in and out of my chair at night. Cricket's heartbeat is still in the 150s. The midwife today confirmed the old-wives tale our other midwife told us: a higher heartbeat could equal girl-baby. Good God. A baby with a gender? She also told us anytime past 37 weeks, as we know, is full term. That's only five weeks away. Of course, I'm quite sure I'll go late. I think I'm a late bloomer in general; why should actually having the baby be any different?

6. I promise as soon as the semester is over, I'll post more. I really will. I've missed blogging with regularity, and I've missed commenting on blogs too. I try to keep up, and read what's going on with everyone, and then I see the stupid Pharmacology book and feel guilty and end up not commenting. Or I have that stupid TypePad problem.

Sorry about that random disjointed post. I just wanted to get caught up a little.


Blogger DD said...

I know you were dying to post something on my site, weren't you?

Thwarted. That's a funny word...

We have now been stuck with two houses ourselves and all I can say is that IT SUCKS!

4:11 PM  
Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

ACTUALLY, I was dying to post several things on your site!!!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

It was my site, wasn't it? Someone else told me Typepad was eating comments.

As for the heartbeat thing, it really is an old-wives tale. P's heartbeat was never under 150 and, after 3 years, we're 99.9% certain that he's a boy. (I'm a scientist--we're never 100% sure about anything.)

Probably a wise move to opt out of the class. Nursing babies are very portable, but not to a place in which you have to pay attention. I hope the interview pays off in an offer of a spot in the program!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

I totally thought I was going to go late too. Then I got pre-eclampsia and wound up being induced a week early, but all was completely well! I can't believe you're in the home stretch! This is so exciting!

1:42 PM  

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