Friday, December 09, 2005

John Says...

... this is a Mirty meme, and what one is supposed to do is hit shuffle on your MP3 player, and then list the first 15 songs that come up. Since John and I have shared some thoughts on our MP3 players, I thought this sounded like a relatively easy meme to take part in. You cannot change the results, no matter how embarrassing the songs might be. Here's my songs:

1. Bad Sneakers -- Steely Dan
2. O Grande Amor -- Stan Getz
3. O Tannenbaum -- Vince Guaraldi Trio
4. Que Rico El Mambo -- Perez Prado
5. Big Boned Gal -- k.d. lang
6. Signifyin' Monkey -- Oscar Brown Jr.
7. La Petite -- Frances Gall and Maurice Biraud
8. Finale (The Dargason) from St Paul's Suite, Op. 29 #2 -- Gustav Holst
9. The Ocean -- Dar Williams
10. Blue -- Joni Mitchell
11. I've Got You Under My Skin -- Diana Krall
12. Older Chests -- Damien Rice
13. I've Got a Woman-- Ray Charles
14. This Was Pompeii -- Dar Williams
15. Highland Fling -- Paddy Noonan

That was off the MP3 player itself, and the list has some rather appropriate choices for this morning, although when I opened the iTunes itself, I rather liked that shuffle a little more. Instead of Paddy Noonan (and no offense, here Paddy lad), I got the Pogues. Paddy can sound a little deedly-dee, if you know what I mean, and I don't expect you will unless you are Irish or Irish American yourself. The Pogues make me want to go to the bar RIGHT NOW and start drinking Guinness AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

I can't believe I've never shuffled before, but I think this is my very next favorite thing to do with the iPod. I like the way the music jives together, or doesn't as the case may be. However, I can really get into the fact that I can hear music that was composed for the marriage of Louis VIII in 1615 followed up by Diana Krall singing "Let's Fall in Love." Seems appropriate, doesn't it? Or even better, "Banana Split For My Baby" (Louis Prima) followed up by a little Kanye West. How could it get better?

I love to listen to a radio station that mixes up music genres. It's why I have chosen my favorite FM and XM stations-- I like when I can hear one radio program that might play everything from jazz to classical to folk to whatever in the span of two hours. This is why shuffle is now my favorite MP3 function. All thanks to John and Mirty's meme!


Anonymous Jenn said...

My favorite thing about the iPod is rating my songs and then suffling the My Top Rated playlist.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Career Guy said...

Diddly-idle is what that sound (and what the twee sort of stereotypically-Irish scenes) are called in Ireland, so i know exactly what you mean.

When we're out on photographic trips, it's my job to encourage Peter to take the Diddly-idle shots to sell to tourists. :)

This is going to post as my dad, but really it's me, his daughter -

4:55 AM  

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