Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lupron, on the rocks, at the beach

So we've figured out this morning that our first Lupron shots will be while we are on vacation in August. It should be fun. Our nurse thought perhaps my father should administer them. (He's a doctor.) Dr. BBB said we could do it.

"But if we chicken out, my dad can just do it," I said.

"You won't chicken out," he replied, totally straight faced.

How does he know this so unequivocally? Cos I don't.

One essential question that I forgot to ask him: Can I have my manhattan after this shot in the ass? If I can't have a manhattan, can I have a dirty vodka martini? That's pretty important. And Partner will want her vodka tonic. Actually, if we have those drinks before the shot, Dr BBB estimation of our courage could actually turn out to be correct.

Essential medical information, my friends, is always if you can still drink on the meds. Never mind I'll have nine months of no manhattans shortly after that, but I have to tell you all something right now: At some point during the pregnancy (God willing), I will be partaking of the occasional glass of red wine. *Sharp intake of breath* I can just see the reaction now. "Not only is the woman a lesbian, but she's openly admitting that she'll be drinking during pregnancy!!" That's right. And I'm going to eat soft cheese too.

This shot-in-the-ass, actually, doesn't seem that bad compared to the stomach shots Partner will have. After hearing about all the medicine she's got to inject into her adorable body, I think that the carrying the baby(or babies, as the case may be) is actually the easy part.

Who knew that actually being pregnant would be the easy part and making the baby would be the hard part?


Anonymous Robyn said... said it! my friend who did her first injectibles cycle this past month is not pg. and after a year of's now her partner's turn. why is this so freakin' hard?

as for soft cheese...well...i DID partake of feta. but only the pasteurized kind. i just couldn't live without it.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Candace said...

Good luck with the injectibles and all of it. I hope everything happens quickly for you.

Go for the wine, and go for the cheese. French women have done it for hundreds of years and look how beautiful and cultured and THIN the French are. Yes, it's because of the cheese and wine consumed during pregnancy. Really.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Suz said...

Shots and vodka go together very nicely. Personally, I like Cosmos with my Lupron, but I'm sure that dry martinis will work just as well.

9:22 PM  

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