Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A little joy

1. For a number reasons, it's been a little hard for me to feel the jolly this Christmas season. You may have noticed. This morning though overhearing Cricket play with two cars is a lot of fun:

"I'm a tar!" One hand revs the car he's holding.

"I'm tar too!" The other hand moves the red car excitedly. "Oh, hi!"

"CRASH!" They speed into each other. The red car drives off triumphant. "Pop a loolie!" Cricket calls.

(Translations: Tar = car, loolie = wheelie)
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2. The second reason for a little joy this morning is hot tea and Zingermans ginger cake. I had some last night while wrapping Christmas presents and watching the holiday classic, Coalminer's Daughter. No, I know that isn't a holiday classic, but it was on and easy to have in the background. Plus singing all those old sad country songs slightly fit my mood.

3. Christmas pudding from England. I can't wait to set it ablaze tonight. The roast is cooking already, the potatoes are done, the carrots and parsnips peeled and prepped. The only thing I have to do when we come from the sure-to-be-madness children's mass, is pop the yorkshires into the oven, cook the veg, serve up the meat, and open bottles and bottles of wine. If a Christmas meal like this, complete with pudding and hard sauce, doesn't make a person feel a little joy, I'm quite sure it's a lost cause.


Blogger marie said...

Great blog, you write from a very personal place. The roast sounds delicious -- I've never put in parsnips -- but I'm going to try it. Happy holidays to you too...

12:41 PM  
Blogger agoodlistener said...

Happy New Year, Katie. I wish everything you wish for yourself--as long it's good for you. :-))

12:37 AM  

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