Monday, May 07, 2007

Mysteries Abounding

When I was in Catholic school there was a fair amount of explanation along these lines: "It's a mystery!" This wasn't really an adequate answer for my little mind who liked explanations for everything. However, even that is a learning experience because, after all, there are somethings that just are, well, mysteries. Learning to accept that fact is probably helpful to one's sanity.

In the theological realm this seems more palpable than the medical realm. When I had pathophysiology last summer, my teacher (a nice man, but horrible instructor) would often explain away my questions by saying things like, "We don't know the answer to that. It just happens that way." He said this to many people, and more often than not someone in the class would know the real reason and explain to us why something happened the way it did. It was frustrating. Patho should be a fun, but hard class. Instead my patho class was boring and easy.

Unlike my time with Cricket lately. There is nothing fun, boring, or easy about his health right now. I have to say, he's still Cricket: very happy and outgoing, but clearly something is not right with him.

He has another outbreak on his hand, which is surprising after all the antibiotics he's on. His leg looks gross, but is crusting up and seems ready to heal. He has another outbreak forming on his cheek. At least he doesn't look like a lobster anymore from the sulfa drugs.

Our pediatrician is awesome. First of all she said to us that we had been through the wringer. She took time to tell us that it's usually not this hard for new parents and between the NICU, the RSV, and now this, we weren't having a typical experience. I love that she said this to us, because as much as I really want more kids, Cricket's first few months have been emotionally exhausting. It's a good thing he's such a great kid, smiling and talking to us all the time. I adore him. Then the good doctor admitted she had no idea what was going on and scheduled an appointment for us with a pediatric dermatologist at UM. It's not until Wednesday, but I'm relieved because I feel like people are on the case now. Everyone here wants to figure out what's going on. It's no longer sufficient to say, "Hm... It's a mystery." Thank God I live in this college town with people in search of answers.

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Anonymous Trista said...

wow. You have been through the wringer (and so has Cricket!)

I do hope you get some answers soon. I take it the pattern of good day/bad day is not broken? Hugs to you.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Liza said...

Oh, no! Poor Cricket! Not to be an alarmist, but...have you ever read Faggots On The Third Floor, from when their son was tiny and got so sick, with the staph-infected skin and whatnot? And then he was allergic to sulpha too? This sounds eerily similar to what they went through, although hopefully whatever is ailing the Cricket will be much less severe and go away soon. Poor baby and poor moms :-( There is nothing worse than having your baby be sick and taking them to the doctor only to hear that they don't know what the deal is, either. I'm so sorry!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that Cricket's not feeling better. I hope that these new doctors will figure out how to help him. Thinking of you three, especially little Cricket.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

Poor cricket, I hope that he feels better soon. Did you take some pictures? They are a good reference for derms and allergists later. Also there are pictures of Charlies different rashes on flikr, so feel free to look around and see if you see any resemblance or send some pictures over and we will do our best to help you identify it if we have seen it before. I hoep he clears up soon, and moms get a break.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous pixi said...

Oh, what a nightmare. I hope you have bunches and bunches of good days in store.

A kiss to Cricket--


3:58 PM  

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