Tuesday, April 24, 2007

(Kinda) Celebrity Look-a-Like

I admit it: I watch Regis & Kelly in the morning. They are my morning friends, after Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. I enjoy the witty, yes witty, banter that sometimes happens on the show. I even like the guest hosts, in particular, Pat Sajak (yes, Pat Sajak, who is remarkably funny and dry. But it won't get me to watch the Wheel. I hate the Wheel.)

Anyhow, they're having a celebrity look-a-like thing which is far more fun than I thought it might be. In the spirit of their show, I thought I'd show you our own version with Cricket. Tell the similarity isn't striking:


The Infant of Prague:

Imagine the funky hat being on Cricket and think of him holding the globe. He's got the hand thing down. This is probably totally sacrilegious, but it was my mother who pointed it out to me and since I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself, I thought I should share.

I also think he bears a small resemblance to Broderick Crawford, but it's all in the cheeks.

My poor kid. I'm teasing him already in front of the whole Internet.

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