Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Here I Am, Again

Vacation for me is love/hate. I love being on vacation; I hate coming home. I have to honestly say I have almost never had the thought that some people do after being on holidays for awhile, the thought my beautiful partner expressed as we were packing yesterday morning: "I had a great time, but I sure am ready to get back home."



I don't know if it says something about work ethic, or what, but I could pander around Menorca or Paris or wherever for a whole hell of lot longer than a mere thirteen days before I felt it was time to "get back to work." Maybe because a lot of "work" I do is writing, and that pretty much goes on nonstop, whether we are on vacation or not? Who knows, but I was most definitely not ready to come home. Yet I was ready to slow down.

Because of vacation timing mixed with semester timing, we had to go to Paris after our week on Menorca, and boy, was Paris tiring. We had only three and one half days, and just went like madwomen. My legs will never be the same. But let me tell you, oh the food, the glorious food. If you go to Paris, you must get this book: Great Eats Paris. It only steered us wrong once, and we think it is probably because the restaurant changed owners in the intermin. (We also got our hotel out of the sister edition, Great Sleeps Paris. I have only the highest regard for this Sandra Gustafson now, and standing in equal, if not greater proportion to this regard is only jealousy for what I imagine is her super life composed of eating and sleeping.)

I went to a few cook's stories, the most fabulous being E. Dehillerin: le specialiste du materiel de cuisine. I am now the proud owner of several escargot dishes, petite madeleine (madeleinettes!)molds, a tool to help julienne comme une francaise, a super rectangular tarte maison, truffles (yes, truffles, and not the chocolate kind!), saffron, and three, count 'em three totally wonderful French cookbooks, all of course, in French. Next time I am in Paris, and it will be sooner rather than later, both Partner and I agreed that I will have to do a cooking school. Partner readily embraced this idea since she felt "it was an investment in her future."

There is, of course, so much to say about vacation, but it was a fabulous trip, and you can bet you'll hear a few stories in the upcoming days while I am trying to get used to the fact that I am, alas, home again.

I do have to say, I have missed you blogging world-- And issue congrats to Law of Ma, Marcia (the "other" other mother) for the pregnancy announcements! And Ms. Ambivalent, aka Beaver Girl -- things seem to be going well (whew)! I didn't even recognize Nat in recent pictures... And Moxie, hurrah, another babe healthy in the world. What crazy happy baby news... ! And I haven't even yet caught up with all my blog reading...


Anonymous Robin said...

Welcome back! We missed you too! On one of our excursions (maybe Italy) we used the "great sleeps" book and liked it.

2:29 PM  
Blogger elswhere said...

Welcome back home! Thanks for the comments ;-)

3:41 PM  
Blogger Soul Searching said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

9:19 PM  
Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Thanks, Sweeties!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous LL said...

I actually felt bad for you, (in a very selfish way,) being so far away from your blog. I checked it often too, even though I knew you were gone. And, although I hoped for a vicarious vacation, I am glad that you were able to tear yourself away from your blog (which is, of course, your real job, from my perspective.)
The pictures are remarkable.
Congratulations to partner for surviving and enjoying a long vacation without an anxiety attack. As much time as I spend away from home, (I sleep there,) something still calls me back when I am gone too long.

3:05 PM  

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