Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seizure: Retention within one's grasp or power

Some days she scans all day and then is caught, like a fish on a hook gasping when pulled out of the water when she sees what she was looking for coming towards her. The sun filling up the street.

Some days the things she sends into the world seemingly go into the abyss, to nowhere, and she thinks that is okay. It's making her find a peace within herself. Other things deleted make her nervous and she knows that is okay too. She puts her foot into the snow, one foot, then the other. She feels how sure her own feet can be, if she lets them.

A friend feels her spine, tells her she isn't drinking enough water: "It makes it all seize up, I can feel it" and her back spasms again. She fills a full pint glass when she returns home. Hopes (again, with hope) that if she drinks it all before bedtime, she will stop seizing up.


Blogger PNW reader said...

I read your blog each day with the hope that the core of your soul feels the warmth from those whom you have never met.

5:11 PM  

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